Thursday, September 8, 2011

Step 3 ~~Altered Glass Bottles!!

I had some of the Tim Holtz small vials and had seen online that you can alter glass with Alcohol Inks!!  I thought that was really great and decided to do so to the vials.  I used 3 different alcohol inks:  Butterscotch, Latte, & Ginger.  I used a TH applicator with the cotton pads.  I added several drops of each color to the pad and stared dabbing on the glass.  Let dry, and you have an aged looked to them!!!  An added note, the small safety pins & jingle bells in the bottles are from a great site that I ordered some seasonal projects from, you should take a peek.  The way to age and distress things like that are in their "Grungy Recipes" section.  You can find their site at The Old Glory Company!!


  1. I also pour ink inside the bottle and let it dry like that. Yours look really good.

  2. Hi, found you through Google -- and I LOVE what you did with those vials! they look so good.